Possessed Audio System

I have a 2005 Nissan Sentra Special Edition. I was driving one day with the radio on and it started to get static, I thought it was the channel so I changed it, which did not help; the static was getting louder so I turned off the radio. The static did not go away, I then pulled off the road and turned the car off, still no luck, static was still coming through, even louder now. I then continued to drive to a point where the static was unbearable, then it stopped and there is no sound at all. Currently there is no sound, the radio tunes, if you put a CD in it looks like it is playing, it you switch to MP3 it shows it is playing. The makeup of the audio system is a Rockford Fosgate radio and CD player; it looks like a factory 6 disk in dash CD changer, 6 factory speakers, and factory amp in trunk and factory sub in trunk. This is how the vehicle came; I have not added or changed anything. Any thoughts on the problem? I was told it could have been a fuse but I am not sure where to locate them or what to look for.

I have seen similar cases where the problem was the amplifier.
Have an audio installer check the amp and you just might find the source of the problem.

All I can think of is Scully and Muldar, you know it’s a “X” files thing :slight_smile: