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Tapping from engine

2016 Chrysler 200s about 50,000 miles. Slight tapping sound I can only hear inside the car near front passenger floor area. Found out I had low oil. Drove it for a while. I’m not sure how long. Put oil in it. The sound lessened a bit but is still there. It only seems to start after the car has been on for a minute or if I rev the engine, then continues until the car is off, atleast from what I’ve noticed. No lights came on. Should I be concerned?

How much oil did you have to add?


A little over 2 quarts.

Yeah, I’d be a little concerned. You should check your oil a LOT more often than you have been. It should never even get 1 quart low.

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In addition to seconding Mustangman’s very relevant comment about not allowing the oil level to fall that low, I have to ask a question:

Prior to this incident, when was the last time that the oil was changed–in terms of both odometer mileage and elapsed time?

I ask that question because an insufficient amount of brand-new oil is “stressed” when it is called upon to lubricate and cool an engine. If the oil was in the crankcase for an extended period of time, it may well have been unable to adequately lubricate the engine under those conditions.


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It still had 33% oil life left and when I checked the dipstick the oil was still an amber color, granted it takes 0w-20. It has been sitting longer than usual due to Covid. Also I’m pretty good at changing the oil. Never gone over 5,000 miles in between.

No solutions…

I think a diagnosis is going to mean a visit to a good repair shop. Careful listening will disclose the site of the new noise, and suggest what to do next. Is this an engine that has adjustable valves? How much DIY can you do?

That engine has hydraulic valve lash adjustment.

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While we’re on the subject of valve trains, the component between the camshaft and the valve hasn’t really been a “valve lifter” since the days of side valve engines. Since the widespread adoption of OHV engines in the 50’s, and even more so since the takeover by OHC engines, they’ve actually become “valve pusher downers”. That really sounds silly though. We need a better term. What do you all say?

Valve plungers