What might be the problem when you start a car and fro a brief 3-8 seconds you hear a tapping like noise as if there is no oil? the car is an 07 w/60,000miles

Maybe it would help if you told us what make and model (also auto or manual) 2007 car with 60,000 miles you have that is giving you that noise.

I have two guesses. One, wrong oil filter (Do you use a quick oil change place?) Two low oil pressure possible wear or maybe low oil, how often do YOU check your oil level?

just bought the car a week ago.taking back to the dealer just wanted to know if i would be out of my car for more than a day or few hours… Make is a Chrysler 300 limited… i will check the oil level again. but you can hear the valves, lifters, or whatever the correct name is. had a 99 300m and sounded just the same when the oil level was too low. i gues i will have to check when the car is cooled off first… i thank you very much thus far.

Check some oil filter catalogs to see if the filter is supposed to have an anti-drain-back valve. If so, it might be defective or not exist in the installed filter.

If the oil turns out to be low and correcting the level does not remedy sympton consider how you tell the Dealer you were driving with low oil level. I know it should have been full when you picked up the car.

You probably are dealing with a objectional but “normal” valve train noise upon start-up.

Probably irrelevant…

I used to work at a oil changing place and whenever a Chrys. veh. comes through the tech would bring out a siphon machine and suck out the oil through the dipstick. I finally asked him why. He said something (sorry, it was 7 years ago) about having to replace the oil drain plug everytime you pull it. Is this true? I really didn’t like that idea. You would never get all of the oil out. Granted, there will be some oil left. There were other things they did that I disagreed with so I quit.

Anyway, that brought back memories. Is this a myth? Please let me know. I would rather think the guy was lazy than to think the car was a pain in the neck every oil change.

I’m not too fimiliar with this engine. Is is a DOHC? For that year, it kinda has high miles. Did it do it during the test drive? (Please tell me you test drove it!)

Maybe grade of oil is a factor?

Beadsandbeads mentioned something I didn’t know. You might look into that.

Let us know your findings!

Well come cars recommend replacing the drain plug each time for good reasons based on their design. Good oil filters for those cars may even come with the replacement plugs. On the other hand he may have had problems with that car and that car might not have that kind of plugs. He may have had a problem and ended up paying for a new engine and did not want a repeat of that.

I know of nothing special about Chryslers that would call for that treatment.

well the oil level is good and did not make this noise until a few days after later after purchase and yes i did test drive it. being slightly under 2 years old 60,000 miles is nothing in my book. on my old chrysler i put almost 45,000 the first year…hey Texas has alot road to travel back and fourth on…lol anyway im hoping this is not a normal sound. thing is sometimes it makes it and sometimes it doesnt. so I think something is wrong. once even it sat there making this taping sound as it was idling and when i took off i could still hear it as i was driving very softly but yet i could still hear it and probably will hear it more often (mind thing i guess) till i drown it out with the radio. again i thank you all for your input…Lets just hope its not normal cuz i dont want people thinking i have a nice, but raggedy ride.

Found the problem. as i talked to the owner of the dealership…he knew excatly what the problem was. He stated that it was a problem with a rod or something that chryslser has updated that rocks and that makes the ticking sound. located where the valves are.