Valve screw loose

How do you fasten this screw? It’s too tight to get there with a wrench. I have tried with pliers but you don’t get a good grip.

With a wrench. Clockwise. The big hex.

I have tried. There is not enough room to turn the wrench.

Use a socket, usually 7/16" or 11 mm.


Aren’t there stores/shops that specialize in tires? Surely they could help here…


Sure, anyone can chime in, even tire mechanics.

I might have too. I don’t really want to pay the extra money.

Understood…but kind of like another recent post where the gentleman “didn’t have time” to get a leaky tire fixed before his roadtrip…it’s going to cost time or money at some point to fix the issue. If you mess up your valve stem, wheel/rim, or something else, was it worth “saving” the money?

IDK, just the way I look at things. Your mileage may vary. I’d rather sit in the shop and drink their “free” coffee and watch them do the job right.


Clockwise? Is that a left hand thread gadget?

It may not be possible to get a socket or the circle end of a combo wrench on it, but it appears from the photo there’s at least two opposing flats what the open end of a combo wrench should be able to grab hold to.

What is that thing anyway?

Clockwise to tighten a normal thread. A deep socket would work. Looks like a valve stem to me.


Thanks for correcting. Didn’t notice the word “fasten” in OP.

Definitely looks like valve stem, but I’ve never seen anything that could be tightened w/a wrench in that location before, except on bicycle tires.

The open end fits on to it, but I can’t turn it because the wrench hits the wheel.

I had a problem like that one time, smaller nut than that, trying to get it loose, not tighter, but couldn’t get a wrench on and still have room to twist the nut b/c of interference at the nut/wrench. I was finally able to remove that stubborn nut by using narrow-jaw vice-grips to grab the nut head-on, then using a screwdriver between the jaws of the vice grips for leverage.

Deep thinwall socket… one for a 1/4 drive ratchet.

Or take it to a tire shop that will likely do it for free in less time than it took you to create a login ID for this site.

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Retaining nut for the tire pressure sensor, “hand tighten”.


What he said.

deleted . . . :smiley_cat:

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Small needle nose vice-grips are your friend.

Heh, heh, spend, maybe, over $1000 for tires, but fear the installer might charge for question about valve stem.
My last purchase was much more than that for my pickup, Michelins plus new TPS (proactive, still worked but 9+ Y.O.), I have no fear of asking questions. My installer, on my car, even performed a repair, not covered by warranty for free.

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I don’t quite agree . . . this does a MUCH better job, is cheap and easy to obtain