Diy'er ideas for installing a new tire valve on a rim?

Have you ever needed to invent a way to pull a replacement tire valve through the hole b/c you didn’t have the special tool?

Take a crowbar and pry your wallet open and buy the tool.



Of the commercial versions, this is the one I like the best. Instead of pulling, you push it through the hole. A new valve stem installed with the tire still on the rim. Clever design.

I have used my Snap on Dykes (side cutters) pliers so many times over the years to pull a rubber valve stem on a automotive wheel, and YES I have the proper tool(s) in my tool box(s)… lol

As far as that video goes, I see a lot of wheels getting scratched when the tool slips…
And most tire guys can break the bead on one side and pop a valve in the wheel about as fast as he did in the video, or faster…

Putting a nut on the valve and prying it up with long needle nose pliers with a piece of wood as a fulcrum should work.

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