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Valve cover gasket kit part

My car needs to valve cover gasket and piston rings replaced and I ordered a kit online. I also found a Youtube video showing how to do it but there are extra parts not mentioned. I googled it but I didn’t find any information! I tried to search other instructions but they don’t mention other parts either.

So in the pic, I only know one of 2 is the valve cover gasket, 6 piston rings/grommet seals, but I don’t know the other ones. Can somebody clear my mind?

It’s the Fel-Pro VS 50773 R kit

Piston rings are inside the engine and require engine removal and complete engine disassembly to replace.

Your picture shows 2 valve cover gaskets, 6 spark plug tube seals, and 10 bolt grommets. No rings anywhere.


Thanks, I don’t have basic knowledge about it so I’m confused the name :slight_smile:

Phew, I feel better now. Piston rings would have been a disaster. I think you should check out a repair manual from a library first though before you do this.

It’s not in the service manual. Have to depend on the Engine Assembly XD

I think you mean “Owners Manual” not service manual. I’ve owned a Honda and had a service manual for the car. It had pretty good instructions.

Work it this way; Remove and note how the old parts are fitted, replace old parts with new parts exactly as the old ones were fitted. Done

If you hope to pull the heads and replace the piston rings, you’re into an engine rebuild. I strongly urge you to invest in a manufacturer’s shop manual and study it before attempting this. It isn’t as simple as just unbolting the heads, disconnecting the connecting rods from the crankshaft, and sliding the pistons up. There are a lot of complications involved including but not limited to the ignition system, the valvetrains, dropping whatever needs to be dropped to remove the oil pan (there are often crossmembers etc. under the car) removing the oil pump, and on and on. I should also add that if the engine is that worn you should be pulling it and replacing the crankshaft bearings too. That involves learning how to measure clearances and on and on and on.

And you’ll need to invest in a whole lot of new tools.

The pros make it look easy, but trying to do rings yourself for a first timer is major work. If you have the time, the cash, the inclination, and the desire, go for it. If you’re hoping to get your engine to stop seeping oil through the valvecover gasket and think this is an inexpensive way to do so, you may want to rethink the project.

Just my opinion. Take it or leave it.

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I’ve been given the wrong valve cover gasket kit before, very annoying. Now what I do is take the old one off, into a transparent plastic bag, and take it with me to the parts store. Then the parts guy can compare it to what he’s seeing on his computer. On my Corolla anyway replacing that part involves more than just replacing that part. Otherwise you’ll get leaks. Suggest to secure at the minimum the Haynes or Chilton’s repair manual description of how to do it. If you plan to continue with quite a bit of diy’er activities with your car, best bet is either purchase a used factory service manual (google for it), or do a one-car subscription to the repair data base service, All Data. Not overly expensive, not quite as comprehensive as the factory service manual, but easier to use. Otherwise you’ll find yourself wasting a lot of time and money trying to figure out how to do stuff that would be simple if you had the service data. Pay particular att’n when doing this job to the torque values holding on the valve cover. Definitely don’t want to over-torque those.

If you want a new repair manual, Rock Auto usually lists them in the literature area of the car’s parts breakdown.

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