Valve Cover and Spark Plug Gasket



99 Honda Accord 4 cylinder DX 4 door VTEC. I swapped out an old valve cover gasket cause the last one was leaking slightly. When I purchased the new gasket it came with 4 large rubber/plastic rings, that would fit directly in the valve cover (spark plug tube gasket). When I tried to replace one, the old rubber gasket broke apart and I spend 2 hours trying to pick the half melted plastic material out of the valve cover, but was not successful…I did however put the new rubber gasket over the tube that spark plug goes down, and thought everything would be ok.

This morning, I drive to work, my car is not running rough, but it is louder than normal, and it sounds like there is a vacuum leak, I hear a hiss when I press the gas, and the engine has a louder rumble. Not at idle, but driving over 25 MPH is when it happens.

Do you think it is because there is not a good seal on that one spark plug tube, or do you think taking off the valve cover I cracked a vacuum line, that needs to be replaced?


You have to remove the old spark plug well gaskets from the valve cover before installing the new ones. If this isn’t done, oil can leak into the spark plug wells causing misfires. Also, it can also cause crankcase gasses to build in the spark plug wells forcing the spark plug wires off the spark plugs.

If you’re unable to remove the old spark plug well seals, then take it to someone who can and have it repaired correctly. Otherwise the engine won’t run correctly.



well, driving down the highway, I kept thinking about it and it dawned on me. I opened the hood, and the air intake was not completly connected to the filter, so that is the reason why my engine was so loud.

Now for the spark plug gasket well. Do you think the best way to get the old gasket off would be a heat gun?!?!?


Here is a pic of the old gasket


I’ve dealt with this before. I was successful chipping it out with a small screwdriver and an awl. Just be careful not to score up the gasket seat. If they are hardened solid to the metal, chipping at it with the screwdriver like a chisel is the only way you’ll get it off.