Oil around one spark plug



I have a 92 Honda Accord 4 cylinder which I recently changed the spark plugs on. While doing so, I noticed quite a bit of oil around one of the spark plugs. The other 3 were dry, but this one, on the end of the row, had a good dose of oil around it. Is this a symptom of looming disaster or nothing much? Thanks.


This car has the spark plugs in the center of the valve cover. To accomplish this the valve covers have to have seals around each of the spark-plug holes to keep the valve cover sealed. Sounds like the seal is leaking.

It’s usually no big deal. If you want to get it fixed it shouldn’t be that expensive. There’s a valve cover gasket kit you that has to be replaced.


I agree. The valve cover gasket kit will have new o-rings to seal up the spark plug wells.


yep. valve cover gasket is in your future.