Valve Cover Gasket Instalation

I’m replacing the valve cover gasket on my 94 Honda Accord. I’ve heard all sorts of crazy opinions on what needs to be done while installing the gasket such as using various sealants or lubricants. Should anything be put on the gasket or should I just drop it in and screw the valve cover back on?

I’m also replacing the spark plugs while I’m at it. Is there anything else I should do while I’m in there?

You need a silicone sealant only at the base of the cam shaft cap at the front of the valve cover gasket. Everything else must remain dry and free of sealants.

When you remove the valve cover, you will see where Honda used a white (off white) sealant in the corners formed between the valve cover rail on the head and the camshaft bearing cap. You can use ultra black, ultra grey, or “The Right Stuff” for this purpose. Do not use blue RTV.

Keith nailed it. You need very little sealant for this gasket.

A little dab’ll do ya.

Did you replace the spark plug tube seals, too? It’s sometimes difficult to get the old ones out, but they should be replaced along with the perimeter gasket. They should have been included with the gasket set.

While the valve cover is off, check the valve clearance and adjust if necessary. This should be done every 30K miles. Is that why you removed the valve cover?