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Value on a 1988 Honda

Hi There is a 1988 Honda CRX Si in okay condition for $2500 but I think its worth about $1200 and I can’t seem to find the value online. What do yall think its worth?

All Hondas hold their value extremely well, and a CRX Si is a relatively desirable one to the import tuner crowd. I wouldn’t doubt the seller can get that much for it. You might be able to haggle the seller down to 2000, but I’m betting they will get full price or close to it for this one, provided it’s not a complete rustbucket.

The vehicle is too old to be listed in the used car value sites. But that’s way too much for 1988 Civic. I just purchased a 1997 Accord with 140,000 miles for $1,200. All it required was a new halfshaft. This vehicle was listed for $1,600-$1,900 in the used car value sites for it’s condition. Which is GOOD.


It’s not a Civic. It’s a CRX. And I’m sure your Accord is very nice and everything, but it’s not exactly a car that has an enthusiast following. The CRX is, and that pushes the values higher.

OP: I assume it’s this one?

If so, I can’t tell you how much its worth because they don’t list the mileage, or the condition, and there are no photos.

I will say that $2500 is a pretty fair price as long as its in good shape (and by good shape I mean no rust at all, whatsoever, because on those cars if you see a little rust it’s going to be a lot of rust very soon) and doesn’t have an insane number of miles on it.

Be sure and inspect the rear wheel wells carefully for rust, especially where the wheel well meets the rear bumper surround.

It’s way too high for s 23 year old car and “okay condition” leaves a lot to be desired.

While at it, factor in the cost of a timing belt/tensioner/water pump job, which will be a requirement right now unless someone can prove it was done in recent memory.

About $500. Make the offer if you like and show him the information below:

Sure, it’s a 1990 CRX Si, but the value can’t be too much less for the 1988. Even if the mileage is 125,000 and it’s a Cali car, the value is still less than $1000.

Seems steep to me. Offer what you feel its worth to you and see what happens.

I agree. This car is priced too high. Make a lower offer.