Good price for a 2010 Honda CR-V?

I’m looking to purchase a 2010 honda cr-v with 155k miles and the asking price is $8895 is that a good price or is that too much for the amount of miles? It has a sun roof and leather heated seats and seems to be in good condition.

For pricing check Kelly Blue Book and Edmunds, both online.
If they indicate this is an appropriate price, PAY for a mechanic to inspect the vehicle prior to purchase.
Expect to have possible repairs/maintenance items to be required on a high mileage vehicle.


If the price the buyer wants to pay matches the amount the seller will accept then that is that vehicles value.

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For the Northwest market at least it’s about right for condition and mileage. A new car dealer would try for somewhere in the teens for a much lower mile example.

Dad’s old 2007 CR-V EX-L that was traded in on a 19 CRV Touring was listed on the dealer’s site for $14,000 with about 69,000 miles. Roughly what other dealers were asking for comparable examples.

If it’s a private sale I would offer $6k and change and settle somewhere in the middle if the seller is agreeable. I probably wouldn’t pay anymore than $7975.

OTOH, if it is a dealer there likely isn’t that much room and I would walk.

Good luck!