Honda CRX

I have had good luck with Honda Civics. Thinking of getting Honda CRX- any advice?

As far as I know, Honda hasn’t built a CRX in quite a few years. Other than that, the CRX is a Civic, and equally reliable.

I know that only a used CRX would be available. Am looking for comments about how to evaluate one, apart from the usual. Are there particular areas to be concerned about such as typical rust spots, mechanical weaknesses, etc, and how to check for these?

You might find someone knowledgeable about these here (they’re 17+ years old), but a Honda discussion board might get you more answers. I assume you’re fine with the very low level of safety equipment and driver protection…

The CRX hasn’t been made since 1991. Therefore, any you find will be old with lots of miles. How the car has been driven and maintained is critical. Most cars this old are in poor condition because they have been neglected by drivers who bought them as cheap transportation and didn’t maintain them properly. Small Hondas have become popular with teenagers who beat them to death and spend their money on tacky body kits instead of necessary maintenance. The CRX (especially the Si model) had many virtues. One that hadn’t been ruined by abuse and neglect would be great. However, I think you will have to look long and hard to find a good one. If you find a likely candidate, pay a good Honda mechanic to inspect the car and tell you what it needs and how much that will cost.

It would be easier to find a good example of the Civic coupe or hatchback. The current version, which began with the 2006 model, is the best of them. It would cost much more than a CRX. On the other hand, it would be new enough that you wouldn’t have to spend a small fortune fixing it up.

Yeppers, I knowall that but DID need a reminder especially after experience with Brit cars and their previous owners’ lack of proper maintenance. I have a 1999 Solara which I might be able to sell for about $6000 +/-. Might I get a decent CRX for this amount? I will also check Honda discussion boards.

At 70+ I am comfortable with safety equipment and driver protection as I am ready to go at any time. No religious rant here, but first wife has always thot I would go in a blaze of glory in a car wreck!

Good luck finding a CRX that has NOT been riced to death.