Vacuum Cruise Control Repair

I am trying to repair an after market vacuum cruise control unit that has not worked for ages and was installed in the car in 1996. There is no visible part number or any other identifiable information. The only sticky label I can see is smudged, and if it ever contained any part number it is long gone. In design it is similar to the Audiovox CCS-100 that is, the unit is self contained in a cylindrical canister. The front part is the vacuum tank and the rear holds a printed circuit board with what I surmise to be the computer. An 8 pin in-line connector receives the wire harness from across the firewall.

On the rear side of the vacuum tank (see attached picture) I can see 3 nozzles that seem connected to as many solenoids (wires from the solenoids lead to a 4 pin connector and plug into the the computer board). One of the solenoids (the right one in the picture) receives the vacuum hose, and the first question I have is why are there 2 nozzles for ambient air to go in and out of the vacuum chamber when one seems to be enough. The only reason that comes to mind is as a fail safe mechanism, but the two solenoids seem to be driven independently (each has its own control wire, grey and yellow), which suggests a more complex reason. I found a picture of the aforementioned CCS-100 Audiovox unit that shows that it too seems to have 2 such nozzles marked MAN and AMP but that does not shed any more light as to their function.

The other question I have is related to the function of the foam that I found around the nozzles on the left and is now a crumbly mess. My assumption is that it was a cheap and simple air filter, but I am not sure. So a couple of questions:

  • If I have to replace this foam with new one, can you suggest what material would be a good one?
  • Is it going to be installed to cover the holes on the top of the nozzles?

Thanks Kindly

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I would just throw that out


AMP = cruise control amplifier

MAN = intake manifold

Those would be my guesses

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I’m afraid that I cannot help you at all. I used to install a lot of aftermarket cruise controls back in the day but that part does not look familiar to me at all.

A look around showed that while that cruise is listed it is currently not in stock or available. However, this is listed on eBay. Is that the same? At least it shows some numbers.