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Where is the Cruise Control fuse on a 2017 Spark

Need your help. A week ago I brought home a new Chevy Spark. On my first highway trip I attempted to use the cruise control for the first time. I quickly discovered that it would not turn on. As we all know the first step in finding a solution for an electrical problem is to check the fuse first. Looking in the owners manual for the fuse panel chart. I could find nothing about (location & size) in it. The written description of how to operate the cruise control describes a steering wheel mounted control panel. My car cruise control are on a left side of the steering wheel column and a thumb wheel toward the bottom left side of the dash. That’s not the only discrepancy either. I suspect someone put the wrong owners manual in the car after manufacture. I stopped at the dealership to ask them where the fuse was located. Four service techs got involved in my question. It’s bizarre that not one of them knew where the cruise fuse was located and could find it. I finally was told that I would have to bring the car back and leave it for the day for them to find. In my mind that raises the question of did anybody at GM train these guys, and how could it be that GM did not bother to document the cruise system in the manual and on their factory service information on the dealers computers.

Do you have any experience and knowledge of the Spark, related to the Cruise system that you can share? Do you know where I can get a complete and accurate fuse replacement chart for future use? Thanks in advance.

The Chevy Spark isn’t manufactured by GM. It’s manufactured by the Daewoo Motor Company of South Korea.

Those are the people you need get in contact with.


That is because it was a trick question, the cruise control switch does not need a fuse, the power for the switch signal comes from the PCM. Old cars had a separate cruise control module and a fuse.

If your car is equipped with cruise control the switches should be on the steering wheel like in the picture below. The button on the dash next to the thumb wheel is the headlight switch. Can you post a picture of your cruise control switches?


Well, no. What makes you think there’s a fuse for the cruise control? Cruise control is an integrated system that involves the electronic throttle body, body control module, and engine computer. There is no one fuse for cruise control.

The switch you’re describing sounds like the instrument panel brightness control. Are you certain your car has cruise control?

If this is the LS model then it does not have cruise . I thought it was standard procedure for GM dealers to give a tutorial about the vehicle at time of purchase. I guess the OP needs to return to the dealer for one if they think the brightness wheel on the dash has something to do with the cruise.

OP shouldn’t be monkeying with the fuses. It’s a brand new car. Let the dealership have the car for a day and they’ll be able to get the CC working, or at least provide an understanding why it doesn’t work. That’s what the warranty is for.

As posted above, there probably isn’t a single fuse for the CC in this car, as that feature operates over several of the car’s systems, including the power train computer and electronic throttle body. Most likely if there’s an electrical connection problem, its in the clock spring inside the steering column, not a fuse. While working with the dealership on this problem , good time to double check that you’ve got the correct owner’s manual. Ask them to show you where the fuse information is in that manual too.

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Thanks for having the most useful, helpful and respectful answer to my auto dilemma. I found your response to be the most helpful and the most direct response. Nice to find a person with constructive ideas without the self righteous sarcasm.

Did you bother to read what I posted. Lets start off by addressing my monkeying ability. This particular monkey spent his entire working life monkeying with fuses, transistors, integrated circuits, lamps, switches, resistors and capacitors, just to name a few. Its been several decades since I needed the ravings of loud mouth fat head to assist me.
Who told you that the dealership did not have a chance to examine the car already, and who told you that the dealership was not scheduled to have another go at it already. Who told you that the dealership was not asked for the location in the manual for information? Who told you that the dealership was not asked about identifying the a possible correct manual.
In fact they were asked and the response was “we don’t know” as their available documentation did not provide answers to the questions either. In fact one response was that they too did not know how the CC was intended to be operated and asked if I could show them. In fact this was the same questions that I was consulting with them for, the question they were asking me. Lastly I will continue to monkey with anything in any car I own, when it’s called for and at my discretion only, like when isolated unpopulated road at night.

You are absolutely right OP. It’s your car and you can monkey with it however you like. No disagreement there.

BTW, is your Spark’s cruise control working yet? Have you found that fuse yet?

He might have found his car never had cruise control.


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Daewoo Motors went bankrupt and sold its assets to General Motors 15 years ago. The division that manufactures the Chevrolet Spark is called GM Korea, formerly know as GM Daewoo.

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I seriously doubt the manual has the wrong location of the cruise control buttons. Most likely your car doesn’t have cruise control.

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Why is it that the techs who use the Car Talk just absolutely will not actually read the posts and comprehend whats being written. If “pictures are worth a thousand” maybe the attached photos can be comprehended.


You don’t happen to have manual crank-up windows, do you?

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You posted a picture of the turn signal stalk, not the cruise switch.

The set/clear switch, up/down arrows and the menu button is for Driver Information Center located in the instrument cluster. See page 112 of the owners manual.

1. SET/CLR: Press to set or clear
the menu item displayed.
2. w / x: Turn the band to
scroll through the menus.
3. MENU: Press to display the
Trip/Fuel menu and the Vehicle
Information menu. This button
is also used to return to or exit
the last screen displayed on
the DIC.


The cruise controls are on the left side of the steering wheel as shown on pg. 194. Same set up as my 2013 Equinox. The Spark LS does not have cruise control

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What needs to be comprehended here is your owner’s manual, by you. Luckily, Nevada_545 took the time to do this for you.

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For pete’s sake , your picture is not of the cruise control.

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The techs here read the posts and in many cases are quite familiar with the vehicle in question. I did not need a picture to know that there is no cruise fuse. I did not need the picture to know that the switch and button on the turn signal lever are for the DIC panel as Nevada stated above. I did not need the picture to know the knob on the left of the dash is the brightness control. Please post for us a picture of the steering wheel in your car showing the buttons for the cruise control.

Owner’s manuals are printed to cover many models and submodels of one make of car. A feature being described in the manual is not an indication that every car has that feature. There may be instructions on how to operate the sunroof even though the car does not have one.

You’re right a picture is worth a thousand words. If the picture is relevant.

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