Cruise Control fades

The cruise control on my 98 Pontiac Sunfire GT fades after a few minutes from setting it.

If I set it at 65 it will set and stay but after a few minutes it will start to slowly fade down. If I hit the button to increase the speed it will do so. But then again it will start to fade. What is bad causing this to happen?


If you have a vacuum motor for the throttle position there may be a small leak in the vacuum system that is causing the trouble.

Yeah its the cruise control vacume servo. Just get a new one or live with it. There is a small valve inside that holds or releases vacume as needed to maintain speed. This takes a set after a while and won’t hold the vacume anymore. You can take it apart and try to refurbish it like I have done a number of times but easiest is just to get a new one.

I Bought A Used …

… vacuum servo from the salvage yard for 5 bucks. It took almost 5 minutes to install on a Dodge. I just guessed mine was the servo. The cruise didn’t work at all. It worked forever after the transplant. I agree, it sounds like vacuum is bleeding off on your cruise. Check the vacuum (hose) line, too.