V6 to v8 TBI Chips with a 700r4


So here is the situation, I am swapping a v8 (350) tbi from a 1994 K2500 silverado with a 4l80e, into a 1992 silverado that has a v6 tbi and a 700r4. The problem is that I want to keep the 700r4, which means I won’t be able to just swap the prom chip from the computer, as the 4l80e is electronically controlled and has a gen1 memcal (CODE BLHH).

The question is, what chip can I use for the 1992 truck that will have the 350 tbi + the 700r4? I would need a chip that is meant for a 88-93 with 5.7 + 700r4 and along with all sensors and electronics that it needs I just don’t know what code it would be.

Here are some codes I’ve found that might be a match

Prom CODE:

I would also need a chip for a v6 (4.3) + 4L80E because I want to put the v6 into the k2500 which seems really dumb but I want the k2500 to at least run, but I dont think any were ever made with a v6 so I would I need to have one made? Where could I get that made? Unless there was v6 + 4l80e made.

Thank you in advance,

Why people put themselves thru hell is beyond me?



Someone is trying to do something that will make 2 vehicles worthless . This endeavor has little chance of being successful .


Let us know how it works out…