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Power Train Control Module - 86 Camaro

I’m the original owner of a 1986 Camaro, V6, 5-speed. I am totally unknowledgeable regarding cars, but my mechanics tell me I need the EE Prom in the Power Control Module, which apparently is unique to the year and model. They have tried 3 weeks to find on without success. Right now, I have a large paperweight.

If you only need the EPROM and not the entire PCM, perhaps it could be replace with an aftermarket chip from Hypertech or a similar company. The Streetrunner is for stock cars, the performance setting only come into play at Wide Open Throttle (WOT).

Ed B.

You’re probably not going to find just the EPROM, so you’ll probably just need to find a whole computer for your car. is a good place to start.

I’m always suspicious of bad computer diagnoses, though, since they almost never go bad. I’d just try removing the old one, cleaning the connections and putting it back in and seeing if that helps it.

Thanks - I’ll pass this along to my mechanics.

Injected or carbureted?? If it’s got a feed-back carb, look into after-market TBI. I think Holly makes a conversion…

Thanks - carbureted. I will look it up.