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V.W. Leak

I have a leak in and out side my 96 Jetta trek. When I put on front defogger I get water coming out of vent. Also water coming from under dash mostly on pass. side. Also under car onto ground. it looks like clear but what would I know.

It sounds like the A/C drain is clogged. Not unusual for any car. It normally comes out under the car, usually around the area where the passenger puts their feet. A second place for many VW’s is on the passenger side of the car in the engine compartment. It may be under a little flap of the foil covered insulation.

Usually string trimmer line from the garden department of you local hardware store or a little compressed air blown into that hose. In either case, go easy, it is possible to damage the hose if you over do it.

Thanks, I found flap open it some stuff did come out. It seems to be ok now. Thanks alot.