Utah ethanol free gas

Saw this at pump but I don’t see any sign saying for off-road use only or boats or collector cars. Does Utah have no issues with ethanol free gas for road use? In my state ethanol free gas is 91 octane. This is 88 octane.
3 color pump handles. E0 stuff has blue handle

Utah is higher altitude state, so would tend to use lower octane fuels. 91 where you live, maybe would correspond to 88 in Utah. They don’t offer 85 octane here at near sea level where I live, 87 is lowest.

I use an app that tells me who carries non ethanol gas and what octane it is…

Pure Gas

Dinocare? Guh?

If it doesn’t say you can’t… you can.

No restrictions here in Florida for E0 fuel.

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Our lowest tier is 87. But it’s 349 today. Costco is 325? If I recall. But Costco has no non oxy. 449 is a bit high

What is the BLUE unleaded 88 octane gas $4.449 beside the diesel??

Blue 88 is non ethanol. Point of my thread. Line of text under “unleaded”… says ethanol free.

You are pointing at the Yellow (button) 88, I was asking about the blue (button) 88, But I think I just answered my own question… lol
I guess you were just pointing in general and not at the E0 one…

Most all our E0 pumps are separated from the E 10 junk so people don’t get mixed up… Most only have a single pump separated from ALL the other pumps like Kerosene pumps…
Sorry for the confusion…

I guess mentioning the no oxy gas made me think about the oxygenated race gas that has extra oxygen in it… not the E0 stuff…

Most States haven’t sold out ot the ethanol scam and allow it to be sold. It’s not really an issue since it’s always more expensive than the E10. Some restrict it to higher octane grades like Missouri, and apparently Utah. Some ban it completely like California. Some older fuel injected vehicles do better with pure gasoline. Anything without fuel injection does better with no ethanol.

Tthe 88 octane ethanol free gasoline is confusing because the new 15% ethanol gasoline is advertised as something like super 88 with 88 octane.

They only sell 90% as much oil since there is ethanol, but cars get 5% worse fuel economy and oil is used in farming to grow the corn for the ethanol so in the end it comes out to something like the oil industry doesn’t actually sell any less oil due to ethanol. But we have more waste with unneeded farming and pollution, but the refineries get to refine cheaper 85 octane gasoline to mix with ethanol to make 87

Dinocare is the trade name for Sinclair Gas…


Well, Utah is certainly selling ethanol fuel.

Ethanol is not a scam. It is an economical method of raising the octane rating without damaging parts of the environment. MTBE was used after lead was banned but leaks into soil caused ground water contamination. MTBE doesn’t decompose and renders ground water undrinkable. 10% ethanol blends are a reasonable way to provide needed octane levels of 87 AKI and higher without excessive ground water damage.

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Farmers seem to like growing corn for ethanol. But many plants are going bust in the Midwest. Or, maybe MN plants are run by clowns.

Not much gasoline sold during Covid. That would have put a dent in profits for the ethanol producers.

It’s NOT a scam. E-10 gas burns cleaner and thus pollutes LESS. You’ll find it mandated in heavily populated areas. E-10 is the preferred oxygenate. For a while it was MTBE. But that stuff is extremely toxic and is extremely difficult to get out of ground water. You can still find it in toxic quantities in ground water, even in places that haven’t used it in decades.

SA Oil | The Difference Between Oxygenated & Unoxygenated Fuel | Race Fuels | SA Oil

This would be a very confusing pump unless you were used to the station in my view. I quit buying Kiki trip gas when on the road for this reason. Just too easy to hit the wrong button.

At the Mobil station where I buy gas, the premium is the non oxy gas and is labeled fir boats, off road etc. I don’t know the octane but suspect 91. It’s what I buy for small engine use. Only two other choices, regular and mid grade. Green, blue, yellow? Getting a little silly and heaven help anyone color blind.

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Unfortunately that article, though it discusses oxy-fuels, is from S.A.
Does not answer the question of what is used in the USA to achieve a 90+ octane rating for non-alcohol gas. I use non-alcohol gas for lawn equipment and in my old 50:1 two stroke outboard.

Edit: Bing’s comment posted as I was typing.
Petroleum stations need to standardize labels.
In my area Mobil/Exxon and most other stations here, premium is 93 octane up to 10% ethanol. Non-ethanol is simply labeled as such and is 90 octane.
Blue/green colorblind could be a problem, but pump will only pump if the correct nozzle is chosen.

Which reminds me, been a while since a poster has chosen diesel for their gas powered car.


You are right it has been a while either they wised up or are to embaressed to post about it.

I live in N.E. NC near the ocean and sound, so there’s a lot of marine activity here. Many boats are older and they need non-ethanol because their systems were never designed to use alcohol. My boat is a 1974 Penn Yan and not only do I need E-zero but my Ford 351 Windsor needs premium too. Some stations carry 87 Oct E0, but some carry 93 Oct E0. Not cheap but my boat pings horribly if I try to cheap out. I also use E0 in my mower, a little generator and my pressure washer. My Chevy Volt and 2006 Harley Electra Glide run fine on E10 as they were designed to use it.

I know some of you talk about “Oxygenated gas” I believe that’s just another name for gas with Ethanol added.

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