Utah ethanol free gas

Assuming colorblind people can’t read. I don’t care about the color of the buttons, I choose between regular unleaded and premium.

The penalty for pushing the wrong button is 25 cents.

Nah, the penalty is getting e85 instead of gas.

Blue and green nozzles are on the same pump

I’ll just add that cars are designed for use by the general population. They don’t have to be engineers to understand how to operate them. My phd wife was 150 miles away and stopped at the station we normally stopped at for gas and was hit with the multi buttons on the pump. She then called to see if she selected the right button or not. Color or no color, small print by the buttons or not, I just think it is too confusing. Many times here we have reports of diesel being selected and everyone is amazed how that happened. There really needs to be a better way than four or five buttons in multi colors on the same pump. Imho anyway.

$414 for gas in Utah. It’s $320 in MN. I am not up on other states

At one time it was banned in Florida! The ethanol subsidy has been removed and fortunately the ban on pure gasoline has been as well.

About the nozzle sizes. The diesel nozzle is larger to prevent diesel from being pumped into a gas car. However, a gas nozzle fits into a diesel vehicle just fine.

A few years ago a friend (#1) of mine had a VW diesel Jetta. He loaned it to another friend (#2) because #2 always drove junk cars and they were always broken down. #2 was, and still is, extremely cheap and told his wife “Don’t put any gas in it” as she was heading out. #2 wife ignored #2 and knew normal people, when borrowing a car, will put some fuel in before returning. Wife proceeded to station and filled up diesel car with GASOLINE. She was able to start and drive 1/2mile to grocery store. When she came back out it would not start. Called #2 who yelled at her for doing the right thing!!

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And yet… people still do pump diesel into their gasoline cars…a lot! There was a period of many months that we had a poster per week that did this.


I know that’s the way it used to be when I had a diesel but I’m not sure that always happens now. At my station diesel is on a separate island with large nozzles mainly to fill trucks. I’ll bet the kids taking care of the multi fuel islands don’t always get it right. I haven’t checked for years though.

Who remembers when all cars were “leaded” and as the “New, Unleaded” cars came on the market, and not all gas stations carried unleaded gas, there was a adapter you could buy (may even have come as an accessory on some of the new cars then…)?

You could slip the adapter onto the leaded gas pump nozzle so it could be inserted into the unleaded gas tank filler opening…

Boy, if there were some of these still lying around, it sure would make pumping Diesel into your gas vehicle easier… L :rofl: L…

Dial 1-800-555-0100 to have your vehicle towed to have the fuel tank drained and your fuel system serviced… All work guaranteed for the life of your vehicle or you depart the service facility, whichever is sooner!


(PS: this phone number is specifically reserved for fictional use… and the guarantee is just as fictional…)


Would the lead ruin the catalytic converter, but nobody cared if it got ruined?

Of course the lead would ruin the catalytic converter, but back then there were no emission testing, and quite possibly no one realized or cared that it “killed the cat”

Back then, when I could no longer get leaded gas for my '84 Harley, I carried a “Bandolier” of Lead Treatment in test tubes , premeasured for two gallons of gas, in my Saddlebags. I have not done this for years with no ill effects on the engine…

Shortly after catalytic converters were introduced, there was a group of old guys in my town who believed that there was a “government conspiracy to reduce your gas mileage via catalytic converters”, and “if you put leaded gas into the tank you will improve your mileage by killing the cat”.

Of course, the joke was on them because it didn’t improve their mileage, and then emissions testing came along…

Yup! Anything that someone doesn’t like–or simply doesn’t understand–has to be the result of some sort of insidious conspiracy. :smirk:


Very often “Killing the Cat” also plugs it up. When it plugs up the exhaust can’t flow and your car runs like *rap!

Actually the ticket is if you live where there’s no emissions testing you replace the cat with a pipe. Your CEL will be on but the car should be drive-able!

This used to be the answer way back and they would sell what was called test pipes for that purpose. However you and the shop can be subject to heavy sanctions and fine regardless of whether emissions inspections are done in your state. Just don’t do it. I replaced my cat some years ago and the notice on the box was quite illuminating concerning the consequences. Just don’t do it.

I lived in Utah when vehicles were first equipped with catalytic converters. One of the doctors at the hospital bought a new 440 powered Ramcharger, he told me he was going to take a hacksaw to the cats. Whether he did or not I don’t know.

That is what tuners are used for… lol

What if the car is in the shop for some reason and they see the cat is missing and report you to the authorities? Is it worth stiff fines or federal prison?