Using Old Gas

I have several containers with gas purchased in 2006. Can I use it in my lawn mower, generator, and most importantly, in my car without damaging the mechanics?

i wouldnt put it in your car,but should be ok in your lawnmower!

I would add it in small amounts with good gas, or mix it with good, new gas in a larger container, and use it up as soon as possible. Don’t keep it much longer–use it. I also agree fixing carburators in lawn tractors and lawnmowers make more sense than possibly gumming up a car.

Don’t use it in your small engines. Adding alittle at a time to your car is acceptable

That’s safer advice.

Each year ( of 3 ) I couldn’t get the weed eater to work right. Cleaned plug, filter etc. . . .DOH ! just old gas. A little at a time in your car should get rid of it, then use Stabil when getting new gas that will be stored.

Gas has a lifespan and the clock starts ticking as soon as it is purchased, however exact life is dependent on air conditions and the type of storage container. Two year old gas is useless for anything gas powered large or small. There are many technical reasons why, but in the end avoid using it. If you want to get rid of it add it in small quantities to fresh gas for yout lawn mower or generator, but I wouldn’t advise using it in a car.

I have never had problems just using it in a car as long as it’s diluted with enough fresh gas.

What’s the alternative? Hazardous waste disposal fees?

Such old gas is going to full of gums and varnishes, which like to clog up small passages. It’s certain death for a small engine’s carburetor to feed this stuff to it. If you can dilute it maybe around 10:1 with fresh gas, I don’t think it would be a problem to use it anywhere (car or small engines). It would probably be easier to pour a half gallon into the car when the tank is almost full (and wait for the next fill-up for the next half gallon) than to fool around with another gas can for the small engines. You’ll use it up faster in the car, too.

Or you can always use it to start your brush pile or trash burn barrel…

How bad is it?? Degraded gasoline changes color, turns a dull orange and loses some of its clarity. It also smells funny, like old paint thinner, not like gasoline…

Compare it with some FRESH gas, by sight and smell, and go from there. Pour a little in a small glass to examine it. If it’s NASTY, DO NOT attempt to use it in ANY engine, even in small amounts…