Chainsaw gas--ok for cars?

I have a new chainsaw and I’ve been told–by the chainsaw dealer-- not to use gas in it that’s over 30 days old. I’ve also been told that it’s ok to dump the old chainsaw gas (which contains a small amount of oil) into my car’s gas tank. I’ve also been told not to. Does anyone know about this?. It also occurs to me that any gas you buy is over 30 days old as it’s been in the pump for some time and before that the delivery truck, storage tank, etc.

30 days old? No way.

I don’t recommend using a 2-cycle mix in a modern car. Introducing 2-cycle oil into the combustion chambers to be burned, even in small amounts, is risking potential dmaage to the upstream oxygen sensor(s), the catalyst in the converter, and even carbon buildup in the cylinders for what…to save $1.00 worth of gas?

Just pour it into a milkjug and take it to your nearest recycling depot. Don’t risk engine damage to save a few bucks!

The amount of oil is insignificant when mixed with 12-16 gallons of gasoline. 2-stroke oil is very high quality and is “ashless”, it will not damage you car. I have been disposing of left-over outboard fuel mix for YEARS in this manner without any problems…Just think of it as adding a little “top oil” to keep the upper cylinders lubricated. 2-stroke oil and top-oil are virtually the same product…

Finding a recycling center that will accept gasoline in any form, especially old or contaminated gasoline, is a lot easier said than done…

I don’t understand the first two replies. We have had this same question many times before. In each case the consensus opinion was to go ahead and use it in your car, a little at a time.

Particularly in older cars, a little bit of oil always finds its way into the combustion chambers. It does no harm to the engine or to the O2 sensors or the catalytic converter. It is merely hydrocarbon.

So I extend earlier opinions. You may safely add it to your car’s fuel tank, a little at a time.

Our divergent opinions are at least consistant. Personally, I don’t recommend it. Others here feel differently.

Lets go with a less “Heated” topic… Politics anyone?? :slight_smile:

I’m with ragtop.
In lieu of politics, oil discussions (what kind and how often) are always good for several pages of yelling.

Heated? Naw. We just disagree.
Steve’s right in that it’s just a hydrocarbon, and he’s also right that some amount of oil always gets burned. One of the whole purposes of honing new cylinders is to “capture” oil in the scratches to lube the combustion rings as they passs by. And yup, that gets burned.

However, while I accept Steve’s facts, I’ve always lived by the motto that introducing additional nonrecommended things into the cylinders is not a good practice to follow. I continue to subscribe to that philosophy.

In short, we just differ in our philosophies. Men can do so without having heated arguments.

Now, about that pipeline…

Its probably not going to cause a problem but it is something I would never do. When you consider the thousands of dollars of fuel system parts on your car such as the injectors, sensors, and cats, versus a couple dollars of gas, why do it? They all will say 30 days, but I’ve use gas in my chain saw and leaf blower over a year old and no problem. For small engines, buy non-oxygenated gas (its the premium used for classic cars, boat motors, etc. at our local Mobil), and use a fuel stabilizer always (I use B&S stabilizer packs now). If you buy the non-oxy and use a stabilizer, the gas will stay fresh and usable. People that use the ethanol, or standard regular with no stabilizer will have carb problems even within the 30 days.

I use the same can of gas for my chain saw 3 months or a little more. Toss at end of season.
I might toss a quart or so of 2-cycle gas into 10 gallons of gas in in the car with no worries.

A little figuring:
Half a gallon of 32:1 gas has 2oz of oil.
In 10 gallons of reg gas that might take me 250 miles.
That works out to 1 quart of oil per 4000 miles.

If the gas is not too old, two stroke gas in small quantities does no harm to a car. I have fuel injected 4 stroke outboard and the last gas I put in for winter storage is Trufuel. This is a non ethanol two stroke 50 to 1 mixture with additives. Small amounts of oil is not a problem. I wouldn’t subject the injectors to llarger amounts of oil. Two stroke oil is designed to disperse better then motor oil. Be more concerned about moisture. Old gas is where I would draw the line, not two stroke gasoline in small quantities
Same…we 'll see what Obama says about that pipeline if anything tonight.
. Hope he has a good reason.

That small amount of 2 cycle oil would not concern me at all when added to a gas tank that had a considerable amount of gasoline in it.

The age of the gasoline would also be my main concern and several small engine shops around here say that the bulk of the problems they see with chainsaws, weedeaters, and so on is generally due to aged gasoline.
These problems surface in bulk in the springtime after being allowed to sit all winter with the same gasoline in them.

Read the manual. This Honda site says do not use gas with more than 10% ethanol, or gas over 30 days old WITHOUT stabilizer. Maybe stabilizer is the way to go. I’d rather abuse a chainsaw than a car, from a cost perspective.

I’m with OK44… Don’t worry about it… IF you DO worry bout it…make sure you have at least a 1/4 tank in your car before you add the mixed fuel…wont hurt a thing…its too dilute…and like Caddyman said…that mix oil is high quality ashless…and usually synthetic… Don’t worry bout it…

But how much “mixed fuel” are we talkin bout here…? Dont go overboard with it and you’re fine…

I’ve been doing it for years and even poured 6 gallons of old outboard mix in late model cars and trucks and continued to drive them with no problem. If I owned a Ferrari or a Lamborghini I might not throw it in them but it really is inconsequential it would seem. But opinions do vary.

I’ve poured weed eater mix in my '88 Escort and in my riding mowers several times and never had any problems with the engine performance. I do know that oil in large quantities will damage 02 sensors and catalytic converters, but I’ve never ran into any problems in the Escort.

What does the owner’s manual for your chainsaw say? And of course…

make, model, maintenance history.

I don’t really understand the importance of not using a gasoline/oil mix that’s over 30 days old. I go from season to season with leftover gas in both my weedeater and my chainsaw with no problems. I do add a fresh gas/oil mix to top off either one before running them. Maybe I’m just lucky.

Some of you guys would run away screaming and suffer from nightmares if you saw the way I treat my small engines. But I have no issues whatsoever with them. I still have my first string trimmer, a 2 stroke that is >15 years old. It sits with gas in it year round. It rarely gets used now since I bought a 4 stroke last year. My ice auger has gas from last winter in it. My chainsaw is >20 years old and has the original plug! I used to buy log lengths and burn about 6 cords a season plus I have dozens of giant oak trees on my property so it gets used but mainly spring and fall. And so on. No gas older than 30 days??? I’d have a hard time not laughing out loud. Apparently, they thrive on abuse. Perhaps that’s the problem, you guys have been too soft on yours :wink: