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Use for old gas

I own a gas powered portable generator that recently needed some work to the carburetor to get it running (soaking, cleaning and replacement of a part). The repair shop said to only use premium grade (i.e. high octane) gas in small engines and that I could use the leftover “old gas” in my car’s tank, that the lowered octane in the stored gas would not have the effect on an automobile engine like it does on the small engines. What do you think? I have about 10 gallons of “old”, lower octane (89) that contains 10% ethanol stored in containers. Can I pump it into my 2009 Subaru’s tank? Should I mix it with a quantity of “good gas” and use it up over the course of a few fill-ups?

I guess the question is how old? If it already gummed up the generator, I’m not sure I’d use it. I also agree with the high test non-oxy gas for small engines but also use gas stabilizer year round. Just like banannas though, you have to keep rotating stock, so buy appropriately.

Starting your charcoal grill.

Absolutely not worth the risk. To try and save 30 bucks of gas could cost you hundreds in labor/repairs.

If it’s less than 1.5 years old, you should be able to feed 2 gallons of it into your car with every fill-up until it’s gone…Pour some in a clear glass container and see what it looks like…Almost clear is good…A dark burnt orange color, forget it…It’s a disposal problem…