Old gasoline


Can you use small amounts, less than a gallon of old gasoline mixed with 2 ounces of engine oil in car?


You can probably get away with it, but why risk it? It’d be much safer to put it in a lawnmower or some other small gas engine you have lying around.


Where I live we take it to the town dump whcih has various tanks for recycling this stuff. I would not dream of putting it in my car , or my 2 cycle Lawnboy for that matter. Engines with carburetors need the volatile part of the gas light fraction) to start. Old gas has lost most of this volatile fraction, so it is not good for even your lawnmower.


How old?? If it’s less than a year old and still smells like gasoline you can burn it in your car without worry…


You have the right idea. A little at a time and you have found an economical and environmentally sound method of disposal. Go for it!


Right; mix the old with new such as 1 gallon of old in 10 new. You don’t need the engine oil.