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User comment list scrolling improvement suggestion

When I click on my user name after clicking the circular user icon at the upper right of this page, a list of my recent comments appears. If I click on a comment I can then see it in the context of the thread. So far so good. But when I return to the list of comments by clicking the browser’s reverse arrow , the most recent scroll position is lost, the scroll bar always returning to the beginning of the list. It would work better if the prior scroll position was remembered.

Scrolling is managed by the operating system, i.e. Windows, and not the forum software…

Most of the threads on this site somehow remember the last scrolling position. I’m not sure how they do it. But they do remember the scroll position. For example click on “site feedback” above from here, scroll down the list 10 - 15 comments , then click to read that comment. When you then click the browser reverse (or back) button, it takes you back to the list in the same scrolling position you left it, 10-15 comments down.

It is the operating system and your browser that “remembers” the page you are on. That page (webpage) is cached (a snap shoot of the page is taken and stored). When you go off to another page and then decide to return to the previous page the browser goes out to that website to see if it was updates since the last time you visited it and compares the date/time stamp with your cached version. If it is not updated the browser simply pulls the cached version of the page and displays that page exactly where you were the last time you looked.

If the webpage WAS updated since the last time you visited that page, the browser loads the updated webpage from the hosting server and the top of the page is displayed.

Cache is a storage area on your local hard drive. It is wise to delete cache from time to time because it can get very large. Each time you go out to a website your cache is checked first to see if that page is already there and whether or not it is the most current one. Over time your browser can significantly slow down if you let that cache accumulate.

Hope this makes sense.

Update 12.3.17. I notice just this week this problem seems to have been solved. The last scrolled position when using the owner’s comment page is now remembered. Thanks to all in the Car Talk & Discuss IT staff where were involved in the fix :slight_smile:

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