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Buying used car

I found a 2001 Toyota Corolla 30,000 miles, spent most of its time in elderly person’s garage (you know the story). for 6,000.

Do the parts still wear out in a garage and with such low mileage? Is it still better to go for something newer even if it has more miles?

Also found salvaged 2008 Toyota Yaris, 30,000 miles, 7 grand.

I’d go with the Corolla but I think the price is a little high for a 9 year old car. But then, I haven’t bought a used car in a while either.

How often did they start it up and how long did they drive it once they did? A once a week start and 10 mile trips wouldn’t be so bad as long as they changed the oil every 6 months to a year.

Thank you–that’s helpful.

A loaded Corolla LE with auto transmission is worth about $5300 in clean condition. What model is it, what transmission, and what options does it have? FWIW, the mileage adjustment is +$830. We can help you price it if you can provide the information needed. You also need to get it checked by a mechanic to see what it needs. There may still be repairs needed. How do the tires look? Make sue the mechanic checks all have the fluids: oil, brake, transmission, and coolant. You may need to replace several of them.

Ignore the salvaged car.

It’s a Corolla CE 2001, not loaded, auto transmission,
she just had minor tune up. transmission fluid change etc (I think that means all fluids changed). drove it in city regularly except for past two weeks. 30,000 miles
has all the oil change and maintenance records…well taken care of. No accidents.

Front tires are two years old. Back a year old.
Driver airbag, power steering, no power windows
audiotape–no CD player (sad)
basic CE 2001

It’s worth about $4500 at most. Offer them $4000 and see if they bite.

And if they don’t, leave your contact information and tell them to get back to you if they don’t sell it. And they won’t at that price.

I suggest that you take an impartial appraisal from for them. This car with air conditioning and rear defogger is worth at most $5200 in excellent condition. That means it needs no reconditioning. If it requires even slight reconditioning, the price drops to $4500. Like many sellers, they have an inflated idea of the value of the car. The mileage adjustment is only $832, not $2000 or more.

Thank you! I am going to show her the Edmund’s print out on pricing and see what happens.

There are lots of good aftermarket radios with CD available, so this is an easy remedy.