Used prius or honda insight

I’ve alwways preferred used cars as they are much better deals

but i can’t find any good deals on a used hybrid.

Are there any?

When I was looking at a 2 year old Hybrid, it cost about 2or 3K less then a new one… that was not worth it to me, so I got a new insight. Now I am counting on, in 2 years selling this one an buying a new one for 2or 3K more.

With demand up and supplies down, now is not a good time to be looking. If gas prices continue to drop, and as Toyota and Honda ramp up their production, prices should come back down.

the only good deal any hybrid shoppers will get is the “take it or leave it” deal. If you don’t take it, you can leave it for the next buyer.
With used hybrids or gas sippers, you might be better off buying a new one than a used one, as N2L pointed out. Buying new you’ll have the knowledge that the only problems you’ll have later in it’s life will be your own doing

if it’s the best mileage you’re looking for, really the fascination with hybrids is overrated with the payback time. with cars like a toyota echo getting 40+ mpg why bother with what will be a huge expense on battery pack etc. In my book hybrids have a long way to go to be worth the extra $ when so many cars can give as good mileage without the potential maintenance costs. and remember that hybrids have worse mileage on the highway instead of the reverse.