Used hybrids - is lower mileage worth the higher price?

Looking at used Toyota Prius and Honda Civics … the later model, lower mileage options are significantly higher in price. any guidance on the relative value of later model/lower mileage versus older model/higher mileage? Bill

It’s always a trade off of age, mileage, condition and price. Depreciation on new cars can outweigh other costs such as fuel mileage, etc. I buy 3 - 5 year old cars with around 50k miles, original owner, all service records. Newer cars have not depreciated enough and older cars will need more work. Overall condition, number of owners and results of a pre-purchase inspection are more important to me than year or mileage. Buy what’s best for you.


I would take into consideration the time left on the battery warranty.

While the batteries on the Prius have proven to be quite robust the Honda packs are a bit more troublesome.

As battery replacement time draws near, the resale value of hybrids falls sharply, and for good reason…

IMO, hybrids are marginally “good buys” when purchased new and only under particular a use scenario. It’s even worse when they are used. Though proven reliable, parallel hybrid technology is very brand dependent upon repair. Independents won’t have a clue for much of the break downs that can occur. When series hybrids become the norm (hold your collective breaths on the Volt) that will change and I’ll change my tune on hybrids in general.