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Cost of repair for Toyota Prius or Honda Insight

I am wondering if they are more expensive to repair that normal Toyotas and Hondas. I am guessing that the corner garage will not work on Hybrids with all the technology involved.

Does anyone have any infor on that?

Yes, most indy mechanics won’t work on hybrids. The technology is simply too new, and most likely, too complicated for them to work on. If you’re too worried about repair/maintenance on hybrids, then a hybrid likely isn’t for you.

Anything electrical or battery related requires dealer service. Everything else, any independent shop should be able to handle. I’ve had an '07 and a’10 Prius, with no repairs whatsover. This is typical of this vehicle. Cannot speak to the Insight, though.

The Prius has one of the best reliability records around. The Insight is too new to have a reliability record.

I need to add that I really like the way Toyota prices service: by the book. I t costs what the book says, and you don’t get gouged for anything taking too long in your particular instance. Don’t know how they develop the prices, but I’ve always been happy with the quality of service and repairs for the cost.

I thought that the Insight had been around since 1999?

With a hybrid, the batteries will eventually have to be replaced. I’ve heard cost figures of $5K - $7K and they last 50-60,000 miles. What you save on gas won’t cover the cost of new batteries. And what about disposal of the batteries and what is the environmental impact? It costs a lot of greenbacks to “go green”.

Happy Motoring

Where did you hear this? Toyota warranties the hybrid components for 8 years/100K miles, so they apparently think the batteries last longer than 50-60 thousand miles. And the tale I heard was that there are taxicab Prius going on 200K or more miles with no hybrid battery replacement. BTW, Edmunds gives the True Cost to Own for a basic Prius at around 49 cents a mile–a very good amount.

Al; Prius batteries last a very long time and are good for at least 200,000 miles as attested in numerous taxi applications. The replacement unit is about $2700 or so, according to more reliable sources than the ones who have “informed” you.

Having said that, you are right that you need to drive a lot to account for the difference in purchase price of the vehicle to make it pay. At 50,000 miles per year you are making money with the Prius, at 10,000 miles per year you are not. Taxis run at least 100,000 miles per year in most locations.

Hi Doc,

WOW! Have I been misinformed. And to add insult to injury, the person who gave me that information was (supposedly) an authority on automobiles. Unfortunately, the current crop of hybrids don’t fit my needs for space and I have lost confidence in Toyota.

Thank you for giving me the facts.