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Used Mercedes C63, looking for general advice

I just purchased a Used 2013 C63 AMG with 45k miles from a dealer. I mainly would like to have a general estimate of how much money I should set aside yearly for maintenance and repairs and the like. Furthermore, are there any common problems that people tend to have with these cars that I should look out for specifically and perhaps catch early? Any help would be appreciated!

You might find an MB forum, lot better chance of finding an owner there

( score was 85) Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG scores among the most expensive of all vehicle models for average repair and maintenance costs. The average score for all vehicle models is 40.
What does this score mean?
Annual Repair Cost
on average

Just a website, you can search others, but it might be a ballpark figure to start with.


A co-worker bought a used MB, after several routine maintenance trips to the service department she asked if there was anything they would do for less than $300, they just laughed.
Not knocking MB, I have always lusted after an SL

You need a specialized forum as @texases suggested. The C63 is an unusual car. Few enough are sold annually that there won’t be collated data from the usual sources, like Consumers Reports or the car web sites like Edmunds.

My son in law had a 2005 C200. I know it’s 10 years older than your C63 and would have very few parts I never common with the 2005 equivalent of your car, but there are some similarities. He found that he had to pretty much go with Benz parts for everything, including the oil filter. Tat means everything is Benz expensive. Yours will be even more so because of the high output engine and the transmission and suspension to support a powerful engine like yours. Look up the C350 cost for maintenance and repairs and use that as a starting point. Fluids and filters should be the same cost. Tires will be more expensive, as will anything else for the power train.

Edit: I can’t believe it. Edmunds actually has a True Cost to Own estimate for your car. They estimate $13,093 for maintenance and $6962 for repairs over the next 5 years of ownership. Low cost up front, and increasing as time goes on. This assumes you have all the work done at a Benz dealer.

$1600 per year or $7k over the next 5, I could live with that if I bought one, cost of doing business so to speak, fancy toys have fancy prices, and if I wanted one I would do it. I do not want one but if you buy one you probably have enough disposable cash it will not be a worry.

Water pump job for the C63

$600 parts, + 3.5 hours labor, totaling around $950.

For a Honda Civic

$100 parts, + 1.8 hours labor, totals out around $280.

You wanna play, you gotta pay




So $4000 a year or $20,000 for the next five years. And I was just going to guess at $5000 a year off the top of my head so I was pretty close. Of course that’s average so could be $10,000 one year and $3000 another. Do they have an extended warranty available at less than the national debt?

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A Mercedes C63 is comparable to a Honda Civic? How about a BMW M3 or a Lexus RC F?

This is what mercedes referred to as a W204 generation C-Class platform. has tons of information and possible problem areas for this generation.

how long do you plan on owning it? no point in talking 3-4 yrs down the road if it will be gone. can you get a service history for car? i bet if you poured a bucket of water on motor, it would be dry on pavement under car.

Please explain the bucket of water on the engine? I don’t quite get it. On the other hand if you pay $40,000 for a used car, it will be kept for more than a year or two, and the five year cost estimate included expected annual costs not necessarily at the end of the five years. At any rate, somewhere around $12,000 a year for the car and upkeep over a five year period. Not cheap.

@Cavell is referring to just how tightly packed the engine compartment on these cars is. I.e. There isn’t a gap wide enough tom allow water to drain through, it runs OVER the fenders! I’ve used that line myself.

An engine compartment that tight is expensive to have service done since it is so tightly packed. Add in the wallet draining service costs for M-B cars to a tught engine compartment and that is a recipe for very high maintenance costs.

Got it. Thanks. My ignorance is showing.

Why even bother to ask how much money to put away after buying an expensive vehicle and not before purchase?

Maybe the OP can afford it.

That year had a 6.2 liter motor that made power the old way. Cubic inches. 2015 went to a smaller turbo v8 with 4.4 liters? The 2014 and 2015 seem to be $15k different in prices for similar miles.

Set aside all you can possibly set aside. If you then have any left over after repairs and maintenance, buy yourself something nice.

There’s an old Q&A joke:
Question: would you like to know how to make a small fortune?
Answer: start with a large fortune and buy a used Mercedes Benz.

Seriously, I wish you all the best. But expect your repair and maintenance expenses to be high.

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My motivation for comparing the water pump replacement costs of the two cars is b/c presumably the OP already knows appx how much it costs to keep an econobox like the Civic on the road, maintained and repaired. And by asking about the MB, it’s clear the OP doesn’t know how much the same costs for this MB. So the water pump replacement comparison cost provides a basis to use to get an idea what OP will be looking at.