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VIN number

i’m helping my daughter purschase a ford i can’t find anyplace to look up the VIN # that does not charge for it. she is on disability and has little money. does anyone know how to not pay the @29.99 or 49.99

Do you have friends in the business ?
Your regular mechanic who will check it over anyway before you buy ?
Your usual sales person where you bought your new cars ? ( remember, CarFax is a subscription service and will only show those items reported to them by members. )
Your Ford dealer ? ask them to run the vin for recalls and, then see if they can see the warranty repair history too.
These kind of connections might just work with you on this private purchase.

what type of info do you need, i bet i can get it


Most used car lots will run a Carfax for you if it’s slow. They usually have an unlimited Carfax subscription…

But be aware, there are ways to avoid having things reported to Carfax, so it’s NOT infallible.

Try to see if it has been reported stolen or as salvage.