Used car selling

I need to sell my 2008 Honda Sonata for $18,000. It has 36,000 miles, 4 cylinders, and 16 gal. tank. Would it be worth selling on the internet.


Best of luck…I’ve used internet services with great success. I don’t know that your price is reasonable as there are comparably better buys in that category for lesser amounts, but you will reach more people then doing it locally. A long range buyer for expensive items, esp. a car, does present a different set of problems, as you will find out.

Thanks for the information.

Your price is way high. Of the 56 2008 Sonatas with 40k or less miles within 100 miles of me on, 40 have asking prices less than $12,000, and ALL are under $14,000. Why do you think $18,000 is a reasonable price?

I was just curious. It’s a personal problem. Thanks for the info.

Assuming that it’s a GLS model, NADA retail is $12,225 and wholesale is $9,675.
According to KBB prices are $12,150 and $10,075 respectively. Add a bit more if your vehicle has a higher trim level and subtract if it is in less than excellent condition.

Considering today’s economy, you will be lucky to get more than $10,000 for it. You are competing against a lot of rental Sonatas coming into the used car market. List it on craigslist, and

Good luck!

If the Sonata was really made by HONDA, instead of Hyundai, it might be worth more. I agree with others that you simply cannot get more for a car than market price by selling it on the internet. The size of the gas tank does not play a role in how desirable a car is.

If the car is squeaky clean and you are advertising it locally, it’s sometimes posible to get more than market price, especially if the prospective owner enjoys the test drive and you have all the maintenance records.

Good luck!

Thanks for the info.

To get top dollar, you need to make sure it is ready for registration by the new owner. That might mean a smog test or safety inspection by the state. Unless the state actually does the safety inspection, talk to friends and neighbors to find a shop that is authorized and won’t nickel and dime you to death.

Sure, but beware of “overpayment scams,” where the buyer will send you a check and ask you to wire the shipper money via Western Union or Money Gram.

Do you OWN the car or does a BANK own it? If you do not have the title, you have nothing to sell…It sounds like you may be way upside down on your loan. The market is unforgiving…