09 Sonata Price

A dealer near me lists three prices for the cheapest new 09 Sonata. It lists the msrp as 20,700; the retail price is 20,000; the sales price is 17,500.

Hyundai has a 3k cash incentive for the Sonata. Do you think they’re including some of that in the final 17,500 price or would it be possible to get a Sonata for 14,500?

Here’s a link to the page: http://tinyurl.com/rccd2m

When I opened the page, the very first Hyundai Sonata has a Sale price of 14,999.
Your best bet would be to give the dealer a call, and ask a salesman if that price includes the $3k rebate also.


Yeah was actually the one I bought last night. Just wondering how low they would go. During the buying process they seemed resistant to lowering the price to 15000 flat with no trade in. Got it for 16,345 total after trading in a 92 camry in horrible condition ($200) so I think the sales price before taxes and everything was 15,300. Still happy with the price paid but I was curious.

All the sonatas at a grand rapids dealer I went to started at 18k after the 3k rebate not including fees and taxes. They weren’t as open to lowering the price as this other dealer.

I’ll bet that the sales price includes all incentives, but not all fees. Check the disclaimer at the bottom of the page. The delivery fee is extra, for instance. The destination charge is an extra $695. There may also be about $100 for an advertising fee (it’s legitimate). If the sales price is $15,000 expect to pay closer to $16,000 before taxes, tags, etc.