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Selling A Car Tips and Advice

I am trying to sell my 2002 Honda Civic LX with 60k miles, it’s been well maintained but does need some new breaks, a front wheel alignment and is coming due for the intermediate service. Honda also recommends changing the timing belts. I am currently asking 9250 based on Kelley Blue Book. Am I asking too much? What’s the lowest I should go? I’ve never sold a car on my own before and would appreciate any advice. Thank you!

$9,250 sounds about right and $8,000 sounds about the lowest. The mileage says that you should keep it. You would be ahead of the game by paying for the service that is due and waiting for 120,000 to appear on the odometer. You just lose your shirt if you sell it now.

I have had the best response with Craig’s List and a sign in the car window. I have had ZERO responses from the mainstream auto selling publications and websites. However, I tend to sell cars with a quarter-million miles on them. I BUY cars when they are as new as yours.

If you try to sell it via a website, lots of GOOD pictures are the key to selling a car.

I have to totally agree. The pricing sounds about right (remember you may end up bargaining down a little). But I have to suggest that by now you have paid the big new car depreciation, but the car should still provide many good reliable miles of driving with little real cost.

You should do all the maintenance (especially the timing belt if it is listed) listed in the owner’s manual. Noted this list will likely be shorter than the list the dealer gives you. Also you have no need to have much if anything done by the dealer, and you likely can save quite a bit of that maintenance cost by using a local independent mechanic They only lack that free coffee, nice waiting room and TV while you wait.

When you consider the cost of payments the cost of maintenance is very low.

Note: in many cars, not changing the timing belt when due can cost you an engine if it breaks.

Note2: My comments about keeping vs selling clearly are based on several assumptions that may not apply to your current situation, so please ignore them if they don’t apply

Note3: One item of maintenance not always listed on today’s cars list is changing the automatic transmission fluid about somewhere between 40,000 and 80,000 miles. I do recommend a change (not flush) along with a new filter if so equipped.

Good Luck