Used car body parts

Would anyone know how much I should be paying for the following toyota corolla 99 parts

1) Complete Door

2) Driver side fender

Is there a recommended site to check for prices ?


Depends very much on your area and the condition of the parts.

If you want to know prices, call 5 or 6 local competing junkyards and get their rate. They’ll all be pretty similar.

Salvage yards usually charge about half of what new parts would cost…

Yes it really depends on the rarity of the parts and the condition. I’ve paid as low as $25 for a fender and as high as $125. Doors are usually in the $2-300 range. is a good nation-wide search site and you can select the area to narrow your search. You’ll see there is quite a range in price and then of course shipping if not local.

There are plenty of factors involved but I normally pay about $75 for a fender and $175 for a door of this vintage.

Check for junkyard inventory.