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Toyota Corolla 2006

Help! The reclining section of the driver’s seat just broke. The dealer said that the entire seat is broken & that it would cost $2,200 to replace it. They suggested that I just leave it in the current position.

Is there another possiblity? I bought this car because I thought it was dependable.

Too bad, Toyotas are over rated. They are not perfect. Salvage yard may save you.

One problem does not make it not dependable. 

 I agree with Beads, try a salvage (recycle) yard.

Maybe an automobile upholsterer. There are some small parts like cables and related parts or levers and screws. Those seat covers can be removed in two minutes and put back on in about the same amount of time if the need should arise. Simple for the shop.

Gee, shouldn’t this be under warranty? Certainly sounds like a defective part as acknowledged by the stealer. Go to the owner of the dealership and get the zone involved as this is rotten treatment in my book.