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Price for subaru for parts?

Have a 98 Subaru outback, ~200,000 miles, blew a timing belt pulley causing more damage than I can afford to fix. The shop has offered to buy it for parts but wants me to name a price. What is fair? 300-500 range? Thoughts? Thanks!

$500 cash takes it!

Find Out How Much It’s Worth At A Recycling Yard And See If They Pick Up Vehicles Free Of Charge Or If You’d Have To Cover It. It Should Be Worth At Least What You’d Net That Way.

Do you owe a repair bill at the shop ? Is this part of your negotiation ? That could work in your favor.


@CSA Cars I’ve disposed of at the recyling yard get 60 cents a pound. Only newer models fetch higher prices. If OP can get $500, he should go for it.

Ask for 600 as they may try to negotiate it down. if they offer 300-400 consider it a done deal.

A good starting point is $500. It’s more than scrap value and less than the cost of a running vehicle.

You might consider posting an ad on Craigslist, someone may want assorted parts and decide that buying your entire car is the best way to get them. If not, then you can “part it out”. You may be able to sell a few expensive items and still sell it for scrap for the same price, but it will require more effort.

Thanks all! Sounds like good advice. I’ll start at 500 and go from there.

Well, they offered 150, going to investigate prices at scrap yards but otherwise that will buy it.

For that offer, if it were my car, I would look up which parts sell well on eBay (such as headlights, taillights, etc.) and sell them, then sell the vehicle with those parts missing to a scrap yard. You could probably get $150.00 for just the headlights and taillights on eBay if they’re in good condition.

@ FWIW I recently sold a car to a scrapyard. They picked it up and gave me $400

@db4690 That’s probably what the shop is going to do.

In that case OP should bypass the middleman. Call the junkyard and have them pick it up from the shop.