URGENT! Car Transmission not Going into Gear

I was working on replacing my transfer case. I forgot to put the car into neutral before disconnecting the drivershaft.

Now the transmission won’t go into gear.

Note: I rotated the front drive shaft with have while removing loosening bolts by I didn’t remove it.

I removed the rear drive shaft but didn’t rotate it with my hands.

I also did this the other day without problem.

What do I do?

The steering wheel won’t lock either. When I put the key turn the key to the on position without starting the car it turns freely the only resistence. When I start the car it’s there same thing.

When I take the key out and turn the steering wheel it doesn’t lock

If it’s so damn urgent, why didn’t you say what the year, make, model of vehicle it is?


Toyota Sequoia 2001 sr5 4wd

Toyota Sequoia 2001 sr5 4wd. Sorry about that . I was also wondering if this could be because I have low fluids and me lifting up the car aggravated it ( I have a minor transmission leave)

I just wanted to throw that in but don’t get distracted by that I want to know what else it could be

Column shift or console shift?


I want putting my foot on the pedal

Works now. My problem now it’s the drive shaft won’t come off they are stuck to the transfer case

That wasn’t the problem. My car is doing it again as soon as I mess with the drive shaftv to change transfer case the car gets locked again. After I put it back together