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Driveshaft busted, transmission problems

u joint fell out at 60mph on the highway and the
driveshafts snapped at the ends and fell out. I have
a 2004 Tahoe 2wd. The yoke stayed in the
transmission and there was no other damage from
the drive shaft falling out. When I start the car with
the drivshaft out tho and flips it between gears, the
rpms go up a little more than usual and when I put
it in park is makes a screeching noise very loud. Is
my transmission damaged or is the normal?
Haven’t got the chance to pick up my new drivshaft
yet but wondering if the transmission is a problem
or not.

If there’s no driveshaft, there’s nothing to prevent the transmission from shifting thru the gears when the transmission is shifted into drive.

Stop operating the vehicle until a driveshaft is installed.



Good advice above. I presume there’s no unusual noises when idling in neutral, right? Assuming that’s the case, if you shift from N directly to P, any usual noises then?

It will be if you keep doing that.