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What's Wrong with MY Daily Driver? Need helpFAST!

I tried to replace my transfer case but ended up having to put it back together My car will not allow me to turn the key to ignition/start. The steering wheel won’t lock lock or completely unlock so I can turn the key. Also I heard bloop bloop bloop noises coming from engine bay and Joe the acceleration pedal makes clicking sound has barely any tension here is how it sounds

None of these things were happening before I messed with the transfer case. Only happened once last time I was in same situation but eventually worked again

Posting the same problem for the 3rd time to the same forum with the same people will not get answers and quicker. In fact, it just slows things down.


You’ve been fighting this thing for over a week and things just keep getting worse the more you work on it.

I think you’re in way over your head and need to find a shop to fix it.


I was literally at the last screw before taking out the transfer case. I just didn’t ask enough questions about the transmission drive shaft being in neutral or park while working on it. I think that could be the reason why the tranny it’s acting up, I also think the gas pedal thing has something to do with the gas draining to opposite side of car when I had it lifted for so long.

But I get it I need help but that shouldn’t stop you from giving out some general ideas on what could be wing

Turns out the lock cylinder was blocked. I have tapped it loose and everything is fine.

Hoovie changed the trans on his lambo and one of the sensors was bad. So they cut a hole thru carbon fiber tunnel to reach it. Glad you didn’t have an access issue. The lambo has elec operated shifting solenoids that control a manual trans.

The transfer case and transmission is inside the car still.

And you can shift both using your hands if they are out of the car