Car broken into - 1996 buick regal

my 1996 buick regal was broken into. they broke the left side of the steering column open and continued to break what i assume is the ignition connection plate. any advice on cost of fixing this and or a work around to just get the car to start again?

Your insurance company will send an adjuster who will analyze what needs to be ddone to properly fix the car.

My car was broken into and stolen by joy riders, and the steering lock and ignition switch had to be changed.

If your insurance covers this, don’t do anything yourself.

Tough Love 101: This Is Why People Buy Insurance.
I have insurance (including comprehensive) on all of my vehilces, even older ones.

Some people say that’s silly. Many people choose to “save” money by not purchasing isurance. If you’ve got insurance then follow Docknick’s sound advice. If you don’t have insurance then use all that money you’ve saved and have it repaired or totalled out and buy another old car.

Perhaps you can find a shop that will fix it inexpensively, even using some used parts if possible. Do you have a salvage yard nearby that does car repair ?


Man, that’s sad news. The Regal used to be last on the list for thieves, a good security plan to our benefit. I guess that criminal wasn’t very smart as he didn’t even get away with it. In any case, it is an expense you don’t need. Sorry about your loss, phan. BTW, is your paint coming off the hood yet??

I had the lowest level insurance on it as I did not consider it a theft risk (so much for that.) @ccar - Paint still intact! I was hoping for a ball park figure for repair before I have it towed somewhere only to decide not to have it repaired. Is there maybe a way to just have a by pass start function installed? As I am newly back to New England again I am unsure of local salvage yards in the area. Judging by the damage it would seem likely that the piece may need to be welded back in though I am “unknowledged” in this area.

Google uses geolocation on your computer (based on your IP address), so you can search for “used auto parts” and one of the links will be salvage yards or the like. A quick phone call or two can tell you if they have a column (they most likely will not want to break it up), and a search on Angies List, Google or even the phone book could find you a couple local mechanics. Calls are cheap, and most of this research you can do in under an hour.


Lowest Level Insurance ? That Must Mean Liability And No Comprehensive Or Collision.

I doubt anybody’s going to be doing any welding on it. You will probably need some replacement parts. Some of the parts could be expensive and/or hard to obtain. That’s why I suggested used items. Since most 96 Regals don’t attain Classic Car staus the used parts should be much more affordable, which is why I suggested finding somebody willing to use used stuff.

Finding a 96 that hasn’t been crushed for scrap could be a little tricky, but not impossible. I’m afraid that if you are serious about keeping this car, you are going to have to do a little work, making calls, etcetera, as Chase has suggested.

You apparently aren’t very car repair savvy as you have trouble describing the damage.
Taking photos with you to some mechanics could help you find a repair facility. There are shops, many of them salvage yards, that make running cars from wrecks, by combining multiple cars or installing used parts. That’s where you need to go.

Does the key still function to unlock the steering or is it now unlocked ?

Any way of posting a fairly clear photo or two of the damaged area ?