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Update your account preferences profile

Update your account preferences profile with new pictures and information.

@ArlHtsMelissa,what is your connection to CarTalk other than a member?

Why do you care, all my preference’s are do not notify, don’t want a picture .

Along the lines of Nancy Keerigan, WHY WHY WHY?

I’ll post a pic of my new car. I just got an email from Bill Gates. He thinks I’m a worthy charity so is giving me 5 million dollars. I spose I’ll have to pay tax on it but still I can buy a nice new car. What color do you think? Soon as I provide all my personal information, they’ll send me the money. Hot dog. Whoppee 2018. Happy new year.

I’m wanted on 5 systems.


because it is interesting.

I think it needs to be clarified that @ArlHtsMelissa is not a moderator or an employee of Discourse and really this thread should be removed @cdaquila .

If Melissa wants more information about a person she should just send a private message.

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Are you writing a book or just nosy?

Anyone ever hear of the term Data-Mining? I NEVER EVER update my profile on sites like this. There is no reason what-so-ever that anyone here needs that information.

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