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Change my account's email, tags

I would like to change my email address that is registered to my account. How do I do that? Went into my account’s Preferences but the email address isn’t one of the items that appears editable.

Also wanted to alter my account’s tags (no longer have that car). Tried changing it under Tracking but I still see old vehicle’s tags next to my name up top.

I apologize in advance if this is answered someplace and I have just missed it.

This is Cartalk Community. You also have a profile at Go to the home page for and make the change there.

Upper right hand corner click on the circle with your screen name letter. You will then see a small gear symbol, click it and make your changes. Myself I have set all notification so that I don’t receive emails .

Hi @jerzeejim, @keith is correct. If you’d like to update your e-mail address, please go to while logged in and edit your profile there. You’ll also be able to follow your make/model there. Please let me know if you have ongoing difficulty.


Thanks to all for your advice. I was able to do so. One small point: In, there does not seem to be a gear icon for your preferences. You click on your name at the top right instead to edit your prefs.