Can't add my new car to my profile

just flipped my '13 Sonata to a '17 Sonata Eco ( I love it btw). Anyhow I’m trying to add it to my profile but the model years for Sonatas only go up to 2015. What gives?

Hmmm. I don’t know! Let me ask.

On a similar note, I tried to change my email address in my profile, and was unable.

@deckm00, I passed on your question and sure enough, the make/model dropdowns had not been updated. I’m told this has since been fixed.

@BillRussell, I think the make/model menus are different from the email address change. Are you not able to change it in your profile? (It cannot be changed in Discourse, as the logins are governed by the main site.)

yup, I go to preferences. I can change my name, but not the email.

Well Bill, you just defeated the (never shown to the public ) feature.

Edit your Email address at the Car Talk site,

@BillRussell, @Nevada_545 is correct. Try going to and logging in. Do not log in at Your email address can be changed only in that profile. At log in in the top right corner. Once you see your “welcome, BillRussell” link up top (admittedly, it is small) click on your name and it will bring up your account details. Click the button that says “edit” or “edit details” – direct quote is escaping me at this point.

ok, worked.