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Update Garage Info

I’m the Admin for Reid Repairs but I am unable to edit the Garage Info page when I’m logged in:

The “Edit Garage Info” button takes me here: shop/ 158790/ edit but the message says: You are not authorized to access this page.

The Twilight Zone meets Hotel California at Car Talk…

But when Carolyn sees your post I feel sure things will be taken care of.

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Hope you get an answer, but I have had to deal with misinformation, I assume the address is the issue? Yelp mapquet, yellow pages facebook have the 322 address listed. Is that the correct address? Don’t recall how many sites I had to visit to get ours resolved. Many sites refer to other sites for their information.

Thanks for the reply - the address is what I’m trying to update. While I’m fine with updating on other sites, I can’t edit here on

Any idea how I can get the attention of Carolyn?

@cdaquila - Bat Signal

Carolyn might see this now but I thought the Mechanics File was for satisfied customers to post where they had received good service.

It is, but you need to add your business for people to leave feedback about it. And then you need to edit your business if things like location changes or name changes… and that’s where I’m running into trouble.

Hi, ReidRepairs. I’ll get you connected with the person who can fix this for you.

EDIT: since Carolyn is much cooler than I am, she’s already on it. We’ll follow up for you as best we can.

Junior Lackey

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Thank you so much for your help!

Very sorry, @ReidRepairs: I saw your message the other day and erred in not acknowledging I saw it. We are working on getting you assistance.

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No worries! Thanks again for the help.

Hi @cdaquila - any update by chance?

Hi @reidrepairs - I checked with Debbie who oversees our Mechanics Files section. She tells me she e-mailed you 12/2 but is concerned the reply went to your spam. She re-sent you something today. Could you pls check your email and let me know if you received? Thanks.