Unusual clicking sounds



What would cause a clicking sound from the engine that does not have a regular rythm like you would expect from a valve lifter or other timing issue, but is continuous and irregular? It also increases in frequency as the RPMs increase.

Note: The car was recently in a collision with a concrete barrier and consequently I had to disconnect the lines to the A/C condenser until I could repair the damaged lines and recharge. Body has been repaired. No apparent damage to engine, in fact, it has been driven with no problems for several weeks until the clicking sound started yesterday.


Have you checked the motor mounts for damage?
Odysseys have a motor mount issue to begin with, and with collision damage…


The right rail was bent and I think when the body shop straightened it they had to remove a bracket that restrains the rocking motion, but the mount appears OK. The sound occurs when engine running and van is stationary. I don’t think motor mount has anything to do with it.


The next time you hear the clicking sound try to locate it by lisenting to where the sound is coming from. I have had certain sensors make intermitant clicking sounds when they are activated by the ECM. You may have a loose sensor mount too.


Thanks for the suggestion, I’m thinking sensors or emissions control valves may be along the right track. I’m driving the van to work tomorrow - dang, my wife will be driving my truck!