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Toyota Tundra 2001 v8 4wd. sequence of events as follows . Changed rack and pinion ,tire rods, had aligned no problem. 135000 miles, on it so it was time to change ball joints upper and lower, and struts on front, and brake pads, aligned, now when I hit a bump or hollow the truck feels like its out of control like it goes side to side too much, on level road no problem, changed shocks on rear, but no difference, new bushings on rack and pinion same thing, could it be control arm bushings? or shocks on front are faulty, how could I check? all parts bought at a well known auto parts store, its driving me crazy, last thing tires scream a little going around corners, like you hear if someone is going too fast, but I am not, please help before I pull the little hair I HAVE LEFT OUT.


Have a different shop do an alignment…Check for corrosion damage to the frame, common with these trucks…

Hey Caddyman , just had frame checked by toyota for rust recall all good. I had a second shop do an alignment but still same.

Thank you