2001 toyota tacoma shake


My tacoma has a shake, its not too bead but getting worse every day. it only happens when its going between 50-60 miles and hour. its a 4 wheel drive standard. any ideas about what this could be.



Wheel balance problem? Wheel alignment problem? Suspension component problem? The possibilities, considering the vehicle’s age, are almost unlimited.

Tell us more about the maintenance history of this truck, please.

The shake is intermittent. the tires are pretty new. I just got it a few months ago… so I dont know that much about it. I havent had much work done other then the belts. I just lubed the drive shaft but I couldnt tell when it was full so I stopped. I am not sure what else to add.

I have the same problem with my 99 tacoma 4x4 and posted it on the cartalk forum a couple weeks ago. I’ve replaced the shocks so I’ve eliminated them as a possible cause of the shaking/rocking when I accelerate to 55-65 mph. A couple people have suggested a broken sway bar as the cause of the swaying. You might want to check it out.

I had a problem with what I thought was the shocks, the suspension was really tight and I felt every bump, also whenever I went over a pot hole it threw the truck around. turned out my tires were over inflated 5 lbs.

I just thought, my parking brake was sticking on for quite a while, would a warped rotor create an intermittent problem like this?

I had the wheels balanced, replaced the back shocks, checked the bearings, replaced the front half axes. Tried puting weight in the back. I still have the shake and its getting worse, I am afraid I just have to wait for things to start breaking.

If anyone has another avenue to try I’d appreciate it.

Try having the wheels balanced on a “road force” balancing machine. This spins the wheel while applying a simulated road force via a spinning drum pressed against the tread. Not all shops have these machines. They can pick up anomolies that regular wheel balancers cannot and they can be great in troubleshooting.

I had them balanced agin, this time on a hunter “road force” machine with the proper lug adaptor . so far it seems better but Ill know after my commute tomorrow.

well, its better. there is still a small shake in the seat but not as bad as it was. I am hesitant to say it but I think the road force balance did it.