Unsafe drivers up during pandemic: AAA study

AAA study: Unsafe drivers made up larger share of motorists during covid - The Washington Post

As many hunkered down, the proportion of unsafe drivers on the roads was up.

Gee about two years late with that one. Shootings were up too.

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I had to go to work occasionally during the past two years. The roads were empty, and the idiots were all too happy to go 90 or more. I was going 70 and many cars passed me like I was standing still. I’d swear that many of them broke 100 mph. On a public road. With other cars on it.

They certainly did around here. Not long ago someone got nabbed doing north of 120. I speed some, but drivers are blowing by me like I’m standing still half the time.

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Idle hands are the devil’s workshop We’ve had a spate of street racing in Albuquerque. APD: West Side street race led to crash, flipped school bus - Albuquerque Journal

A guy I work with lives in Southern Maryland. He says that they can hear street racing a few miles from his house late at night. Complaining to the police didn’t seem to make a difference.

I can think of only two guys that fit that description. Come on now, identify him.

Stick to cars @bing. You’ll be a lot happier that way. Besides, I don’t believe for a minute that you know anyone in Southern Maryland.