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Even though the streets are deserted

… you can’t drive as if you were competing in the Indy 500:


Ben Chen is a complete tool. This is the third supercar he’s wrecked that has featured in the media. Clearly has no respect for traffic laws or other people’s property.

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Before the virus - driving to work was heavy traffic and most of the trip on Rt 95 (aka 128) speed is down to less then 30. Still get some idiots trying to do 50.

On Patriots day - a lot of people in MA didn’t work, but our company never gave us that holiday…Traffic is easily 50% less. Speed on I-95 (128) is near about 70. And you get too many yahoo’s doing 90+ weaving in and out of traffic…driving in the break-down lane. Roads aren’t patrolled much that day either because the patrols are all working the Boston Marathon.

Hey, if the guy has a habit of speeding around and crashing it’s better that he does it when most folks are off the streets.

By the way, does that guy still have a driver license, or did he ever get one?

My bride and I went on a bike ride downtown to the River Walk this morning and traffic on the roads was moderate to heavy and people were driving as fast as ever. It’s usually like the Indy 500. It looked about normal. That would not be a good place to drive a race car fast!

The yacht clubs were open, street cleaners were cleaning, construction crews were going at it, and the River Walk and bridges had lots of pedestrian activity. Apparently almost everybody either works at an essential business or is engaged in essential activities. :wink: But that’s downtown and there are roads that go to other cities.

Head out the other direction toward the Gulf and it’s more like a ghost town after beach parking lots and restaurants closed down.
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You must mean fool, and I agree. As you and I both know, a tool is an undergraduate engineer that studies too much.

I wonder how much Chen has to give the Police Benevolence Fund to get off this time? I bet he’d have a lot more fun if he drove out to Watkins Glen and used the race circuit. I’m sure that I would.

No, I mean “Tool” as in slang for the nickname of Richard. Or as in another term for the male member. I used Tool because this is a family site! It really isn’t strong enough for this twit.

I actually have not heard that term for an undergrad engineer that studies too much.


Too bad he’s not a formerly licensed driver.

OK, I’ve heard that term, but it’s been a while. Tools or toolie was popular in the early 70s for the heavy studier. If they checked all the important books out at the library during the first week of class, they were called throats. Short for cutthroats.

LOL!!! Well put!

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And I’m hiding in my basement waiting for the young mail carrier with the long red hair to show up. I was going to wave at her from 50 feet but dang, missed her today. There’s always tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow . . . How’s that old Simon and Garfunkel song go, “hiding in my room, sheltered from the doom”? I have noticed that people are getting a little crazy now though. From a distance anyway. Soon as it gets about 50 degrees again I’ll head outside. If it stays cold, I’ll have to start detailing the cars.

Well that didn’t last long…

Local government had the county and cities boat launch ramps closed because people were piling in boats, heading out on the water and not socially distancing.

But, the boat launch ramps are reopening and there are lots and lots of boats around here. There will be heavy traffic heading to gulf boat launch ramps, now. Parking lots will be full and lines of trucks with trailers will be parked along roadways near the ramps. Boaters have been asked to observe safe virus mitigation practices and be very patient waiting to use the ramps.

Some marinas closed and some didn’t and there was confusion over whether or not marinas are “essential businesses”. Private marina owners didn’t know what to do. It’s a tough call because many commercial fisherman need access to their boats, and apparently quite a few people live on their boats. I’d bet that when the launch ramps are all open then all marinas will be open, too.

That’s part of the problem here. Temps are mid eighties and sunny everyday, mid seventies at night. To try and keep people from activities like boating could cause a rebellion. I think the blow-back had begun. Besides, the governor had declared fishing an “essential activity,” so many people need to use their boat to comply.

Beaches are still closed, but “accessible”! :wink:
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In my area, the main East-West county road was scheduled for major reconstruction in March.
I assumed that this wouldn’t happen because of the current situation, but–to their credit–the folks in charge of the county government are forging ahead with this project. The project seems to be moving a little more slowly than it normally would, but at least it is taking place.

And, there was a newspaper article a couple of weeks ago, listing the construction projects on NJ’s state highways that are also moving forward, despite the current crisis.